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Summit Presbyterian Church Summit Presbyterian Church

Join Us Sundays at 10AM for Worship Join Us Sundays at 10AM for Worship

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    • Election Eve Community Prayer—Monday, November 7, 7:00-7:30 p.m.

      Invite friends and neighbors to Summit for a simple prayer service on the eve of the election.We’ll share concerns and hopes for our city, the nation and the world.People of all political persuasions, faiths and beliefs are welcome.

      Vocal and Piano Recital - Sunday, October 16 - 3-5 p.m. in the Sanctuary

      A recital of piano and voice will be given on October 16 in Summit’s sanctuary.  Students of Alvina Ransaw will be performing.  Charles Wright will be making his solo singing debut with several Broadway musical selections, and Mary Stoddart’s granddaughter, Shelby Ryder, will also sing.  Gayl Koster will be accompanying.  Please come to enjoy and support the performs.  Free, with reception to follow in the parlor.

      Young Women’s Bible Study Being Organized

      New member Kaitlyn Whalen, through the Christian Education Committee, is organizing a Bible Study especially for young women. Kaitlyn hopes to bring together community for women 20-40s who often do not have a specific Christian group they can meet with to voice their need for support. The study would hope to focus on gaining strength in Christ while discussing the difficulties of dating, marriage, college, work life, raising children, etc. but most of all creating friendship with one another. If you are interested please contact Kaitlyn at

      Adult Study: Confession of Belhar, Wednesdays, Sept. 28–Nov. 9, 7:30 p.m. in the Board Room

      At this year’s General Assembly, the church voted to add to the PC(USA) Book the Confessions the Confession of Belhar, in South Africa in 1982 the struggle against apartheid.The GA voted to include it after voting by the Presbyteries around the country. addition to a close study of the Confession and the context in which it was written, we’ll also look at the nature and role of historical Confessions in the PC(USA).Led by Elder Deborah Merritt, was on the GA Assembly Committee that recommended its adoption.

      Summit Authors Publish!

      Building Bridges of Hope.  Text by Sue Badeau and artwork by Chelsea Badeau, drawing upon her own designs as well as artwork by siblings, nieces and nephews.  Building Bridges is a coloring book for adults caring for children who have experienced trauma. Within these pages you will find whimsical, calming and inspiring artwork to color while learning about the short and long term effects of trauma on children and what you can do to make a difference. The text pages, facing each of the art pages, provide effective strategies, tips and tools for helping children as they journey from the pain, confusion and stress often associated with trauma to the hope and well-being associated with healing.

      The Paulk Perspective. Delores Paulk writes about how her book came about: 

      Years ago when the O.J. Simpson not guilty verdict came down I was sitting in a classroom at C.W. Henry School.  The teachers had suspended classes so the students could all watch it on T.V.  When the verdict was announced, the kids jumped up and down, screamed and hollered as though O.J. had just scored a winning touchdown.

      It was not until later while I watching the news that I discovered the anger of so many white people over that same verdict.  Somewhere around midnight I started writing down my feelings about the whole thing.  At 2a.m. I took what I had written to the corner mailbox and it was on its way to the local newspapers.  I sent it immediately so I wouldn’t have time to reconsider and change my mind. That was the first of many letters I wrote because I realized that as a white woman married to a black man, I had a unique perspective on race relations in America.

      My book is a collection of these letters.  They are my attempt to help white people understand that we need to see things in a new and brighter light. The book release date is Sept. 29th and it will be available for pre-order on the night of Sept. 15th at the Helping Hands Press Facebook party.  I thank God every day for this opportunity and am so happy to be sharing it all with my wonderful and supportive Summit family.

      Elder Diner Begins Tuesday, September 27th

      Elder Diner will resume on Tuesday, September 27th at noon.We will continue to enjoy good fellowship, laughter, and a delicious, nutritious lunch for a nominal donation of $3.00. One way to contribute is to prepare a homemade specialty, either a main dish, salad, or dessert.There is a sign up calendar each Sunday at coffee hour, or you can just mention what you would enjoy making to a member of the would like to join our planning committee, please let one of us know.
      The Elder Diner Committee: Anne Glass, Dave Rupp, Sandy Dorsey, and Cheryl Pyrch.

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