Church Officer Elections Results

Posted by: Chelsea Badeau on Mon, Mar 17, 2014:

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Church Officers


The following officers (in bold) we elected at the annual meeting.  Thank you to all for serving!



Class of 2015: June Cairns, Rob MacGregor, Marguerite Spencer

Class of 2016: Gayl Koster, Mary Stoddart, Delores Paulk

Class of 2017: Ben Brandt, Alex Gurney, Marta Zehner



Class of 2015: Bianca Adger, Lois Gaskins, Seeta Joell

Class of 2016: Hector Badeau, Crystina , Atchison, Sandy Dorsey

Class of 2017: Lisa Childs, Tiffinee Gentry, David Rupp*



Class of 2015: Mary Moorhouse*, Kathleen Sheridan, Allan Walters

Class of 2016:  Peggy MacGregor*, Nancy Morrow, Shirley Atchison

Class of 2017: Maurice Smith, Reinhart Struzyna*


*Second Term

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