Summit Presbyterian Church, Phila. PA, searching for leader

Posted by: Sean Forman on Sat, Jan 5, 2008:

We, the people of Summit Presbyterian Church, believe God calls us to:
   grow and be nourished by the Holy Spirit, scripture, tradition and reason;
   comfort and encourage one another;
   rejoice in the diversity of the human family;
   find Christ in service to others;
   and fearlessly proclaim God’s love for all.

If this mission matches yours, we hope you will apply to be our minister.  We are searching for Head Minister ready to work with us to strengthen Summit both in spirit and in numbers.  We believe we are called to act out the Gospel in the world.  We are a congregation that strives for social justice for all, is active in environmental concerns, and values our differences. 

Our building serves as a de facto neighborhood community center with many community-based organizations as tenants and dozens of meetings and classes meeting here each month.  We have a small staff with a 3/4-time administrative assistant, 1/2-time building manager, and a sexton.  Our boards are active and will work hard to reach the goals we set together.

We are a small, diverse congregation in the heart of Philadelphia's West Mount Airy neighborhood.  This neighborhood has taken part in Philadelphia's recent revitalization.  New restaurants, cafe's and shops are making Mount Airy their home.  The area is recognized by many civil rights groups as one of the first successfully integrated neighborhoods in America.

If you are interested, please refer to our Church Information Form posted on teh PCUSA website and view the Mission Study (pdf) we prepared to guide us through this process.  Further contact information is provided in the CIF linked above.

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