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Nov. 11 - Pastor's Pen, Cheryl Pyrch Nov. 11 - Pastor's Pen, Cheryl Pyrch

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   Discussion: Nov. 11 - Pastor's Pen, Cheryl Pyrch
Chelsea Badeau · 8 years, 1 month ago

Talent at Summit

In stewardship season we talk about the giving of our treasure as a spiritual discipline, and also the importance of financial support for the mission and ministry of the church. But personal stewardship also involves time and talent, and the Session wishes to acknowledge (and thank) the congregation for those gifts as well. So I thought I'd make a "gratitude list" of talents that are hallmarks of Summit. The list is not exhaustive - there's not enough room. I'm naming no names, and there's no particular order, but everyone is in-cluded.

Cooking. Most churches can claim this talent, but Summit is unusual. From Elder Diner to the Barbeque, from REACH to coffee hour and Taste of Italy, Summit shows hospitality to those who often eat alone or can't cook for themselves. Through cooking Summit also welcomes visitors and raises money for mission.

Musical Gifts. Choir, handbells, solos, organ, piano and other instruments -- we give glory to God through beautiful music every Sunday.

Drawing, Painting and Graphic Design. Children's sermons, diagrams of the build-ing, glorious murals, goody bags and thank you cards from the Sunday School, pam-phlets, flyers, and the website -- people give of their talent in the visual arts.
Drama and Dance. From the Christmas Pageant to liturgical dance -- children, youth and adults alike.

Organizing and Encouraging. We have a number of leaders who bring people together to accomplish great things through those two talents -- both large events and the in-and-out of weekly worship and ministry.

Reading, Questioning, Research, Problem Solving. Lay reading, Bible Study, research on the environment and building restoration; number crunching and dealing with insur-ance, Summit members bring gifts of intellect, curiosity, insight and expertise.

Child Whisperers and a Passion for Youth. Our children like Sunday School! Teen-agers can't wait to come back to REACH after the summer, thanks to talents with young people that our adults bring.

Prayer and other Spiritual Gifts. Through prayer for the church, each other and the world; through the sharing of joys and concerns, cards, visits and kind and encouraging words people share of their talents and themselves.

Hands-on Compassion. Hosting families with NPIN, gathering food for the German-town Avenue Crisis Ministry, organizing the Christmas Gift Tree, advocating for the hungry -- members bring many talents to serve the least of these.

Humor and wit. Summit members are very funny. Really. In a good way.
For these talents, given to Summit and offered to God in prayer, the Session and I thank you and thank God. Through them we "proclaim God's love fearlessly to all!"

Grace and Peace,

Cheryl Pyrch

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