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Deacon's Corner -- May 2009 Deacon's Corner -- May 2009

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   Discussion: Deacon's Corner -- May 2009
Chelsea Badeau · 13 years, 11 months ago
Every month, the Deacon’s Benevolence Committee meets and decides where to award the monies. We give you a report each year, but that just tells you organizational names and dollar

amounts. This month, we thought we’d give you an idea, from the thank you letters we receive, what our recent dollars have accomplished.

“Thanks to your generosity, the Presbyterian Disaster Relief fund was able to bring hope to people who were in need of food, shelter and safety in 20 countries and 40 presbyteries that experienced earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes and warfare.”

The Good Shepherd Mediation Program tells us that “your generosity helps strengthen our Victim-Offender conferencing and our Juvenile Offender Diversion Program.”

The HMS school for Children with Cerebral Palsy used our gift to assist in providing equipment and services not available through tuition reimbursement.

The C.W. Henry school principal says “we are greatly moved by your generosity considering the times. The gift will be used for a variety of things that directly affect our students including help covering the cost of class trips for those who can’t afford them, graduation costs, and additional practice books our students need.”

Our gift to the Whosoever Gospel Mission helped it reopen the dormitory and restart the New Life Rehabilitation and job Readiness Program for homeless men.

Our donation to the Friends of the Free Library “will help to engage citizens and draft solutions to save the entire library system that.”

Summit’s gift will help the Boys and Girls Clubs of Philadelphia “provide pre-and after-school child care programs and a variety of activities in the arts, recreation and sports.”

These are just some of the good works done with Summit dollars for the greater glory of God. Know that one tenth of the Summit pledge budget is tithed to Benevolences and the Deacons take seriously the responsibility of managing it-- through the work of our Committee chair Michelle Emery.  If you want to help in the decision making—please join us at 7pm the third Thursday of each month.

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