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 Deacons Corner -- April 2009 Deacons Corner -- April 2009

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   Discussion: Deacons Corner -- April 2009
Chelsea Badeau · 14 years ago
Most of the Deacon’s activities this month have been oriented in giving Summit service opportunities. Margaret and Chelsea have committed our church to be co-hosts to the Northwest Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network (NPIHN) homeless families for the week of March 29- April5. This involves making and serving dinner for the families and providing an adult      (or 2) to sleep over with them. This is really heeding Christ’s call to work for the poor! At press time, we have 2 people signed up to provide dinners for each night, but still need a couple of people for the overnight stay. You would have your own sleeping facilities, and would be responsible for locking up at night, and getting everyone up and out by 7am the next morning. We are really proud of the Summiteers who have volunteered and hope to get the couple more needed. Remember, in Christ words “Whatever ye do for the least of these—ye do for me.” This is truly a great opportunity to serve Christ!!!

Deacon Anne Glass is coordinating the Easter flowers effort with the help of Deacon Hector Badeau. Let them know if you can help in transporting flowers or in watering them. 

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