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Summit Presbyterian Church Summit Presbyterian Church

Officer Retreat Agenda / Decisions Officer Retreat Agenda / Decisions

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   Discussion: Officer Retreat Agenda / Decisions
Bill Levering · 19 years ago

Saturday, May 1

4:00 Opening worship Kate Butler

Team Building Peggy MacGregor Agenda Review Bill Levering

"Conflict and the Church"

Structure Review

5:30 Mini Tour of Seminary Campus

Dinner at Campus Center

7:00 Building Community

Website Briefing

Sunday Morning Task Scheduling     Barbara Buckley-Deni

Small Group Possibilities

Spiritual Gift Inventory

9:00 Trip to "Downtown" Princeton

Sunday, May 2

8:00 Breakfast at Campus Center

8:30 Yearly Task Calendar

Yearly Event Calendar

"How to Run a Meeting or Program"

10:00 Tour of University Campus

11:00 Worship at Nassau Presbyterian Church

12:30 Lunch at Campus Center

Bill Levering · 19 years ago
elect officers of boards
finish tenant contracts
staff committees
stewardship chair appointed

directory published

finish teacher recruitment
prepare fall publicity

budget preparation begins
sunday school kick off
publicize world communion
staff evaluated
mission buget developed

pledge drive begins
furnaces cleaned and checked
christmas planned

recognition for homecoming members

budget finalized
statements sent dec 1
final mission dollars spent
lenten activities planned

corporation report prepared
check drains

publicize oghs


choose nim honoree
choose fall curriculum

congregational report prepared
outgoing officer recogniton
evaluate program

Bill Levering · 19 years ago
Small Group and Community Development Ideas

Organized like clubs, not committees

Dinners in Homes with Discussion – Rob with others
6 – 8 groups divided up by?
2 per year
host contacts members, picks date
pot luck
church administration stuff
what is the vision for the building?
What would folks like in education?
How our Christian faith works?
How do we cope with graft?
Most meaningful worship experiences?
Mixed up each year
Moderator is not the host

Healing Prayer Support Group – Peggy will coordinate
Meets once a month
First Sunday 7 – 8:30 pm
At d guy’s house
Moderator not D guy
Offer prayers for people there or not
Invite people who need it
Introduce in worship

Cooking Anne and Ginger and Sylvia and Jim G
Use great summit kitchen
People bring recipe or chef using healthy ingredients
Use it to get together a recipe book
Involve teenagers
4 – 6 times a year

Gardening Group – Green growing see above
Working on church landscaping
Involve many people
Educate folks about gardening
Perhaps sell some foods that are grown
Summit salsa sauce (redundant)
Bring in smart people to talk

Going Places - Kate
6 events a year
Woods walk
Peace valley
Philles game
Broadway show
Atlantic city
Ski retreat
Take care of transportation
Ad hoc committee -
Needs format work

Service Projects Done as Group - Lois to submit to Deacons
Ad hoc
St vincent’s food serving
Nursing home visits
Neighbor to neighbor (nim)
Summit children’s program
Do as group with prayer
Publicity necessary to invite others

Hymn Sing – Kathy and Gayl
Sat at 7
2-4 times a year
in homes
Gayl plays piana
Kathy will bring modest? refreshments every time
Insert in bulletin to push it – sign ups and calls

Wills emphasis may 16
Pentecost communion may 30?
Annual meeting june 6
Last ss may 23
June 6 ss recognition
May 19 choir sing at library
July 4 services to 10
June 6 – healing prayer 7 pm guy
Sept 5 11 am
Handbell reh starts oct 4
Heating starts oct 15
Healing pr oct 3
Rstoring cration oct 24 luncheon
Dinner in home starts October
Phillies 29 aug 1:35 pm
Bowling nov 12 or 13
Healing pr nov 7
Service project wek of nov 14
Garden club may 22 8 am
Healing pr dec 5 (first sun)
Christmas party ?
July 11 phillies Atlanta 1:35
JULY 17 party for special people
March – second group home dinner
Women’s service march 6
June 5 congregational meeting
Kirkwood ski retreat in feb
Soup supper in lent
Officer retreat april 30 may 1
Restoring creation Sunday april 24
Deacon’s Sunday oct17
Bbq day before father’s day eternally

September organize meals in homes
Feburary organize meals in homes
Nominating process starts in march
December – oder oghs
August – order peacemaking

Kitchen use
Bill to develop proposal for trustees
Flowers in worship

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