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Bill Levering · 14 years, 1 month ago

Hymn (to Let all Mortal Flesh Keep Silence)   Words by Rev. Bill Levering

  • Lord we gather, shaken and trembling, many hearts are filled with fear.
  • Towers fall and cities are wasted, terror reigns and brings us here.
  • Hear our cry of anguish, Holy Lord. Make your way of peace gently clear.
  • Images of devastation haunt our view, invade our soul
  • Headlines flash new horrors and panics, we cry out to be made whole
  • Lift our hearts, O God of every land. Make your peace our heavenly goal.
  • In the midst of death and destruction, tune our hearts to hear your voice
  • Speak, though we are fearful and tearful, help us mourn, yet give us choice:
  • Help us choose the life of hope and of bright dawn. Someday, somewhere, we will rejoice.


Hymn O Lord of Wholeness  To St. Agnes (Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee)

Words by Dr. Bill Levering

  • O Lord of wholeness, you who healed
  • The leper and the blind,
  • We seek your truth to be revealed
  • To rescue heart and mind.
  • We pray for healing of our land;
  • We pray for ways of peace.
  • Help us to see what you demand
  • For worldly strife to cease.
  • We pray for stubborn hearts of pride
  • That cannot stand defeat.
  • May we, all sabers here deride
  • And from false war retreat.
  • Heal warring spirits, make them whole
  • Before new wounds are torn;
  • Guide speech and symbol, search our soul.
  • Let hope and peace be born.

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